My first website – Nagoya-info

Back in 2007 (that would have been my 4th year in Japan), I decided one summer holiday to create a website, in English about Nagoya city. The website is known is and 4 years later it is still going strong. Go over and have a look if you get the chance.


Screenshot of homepage

The site has gone through about 6 different major style changes as it’s gone from being a 3 page web portal into a 200 page plus information hub.

It all started during the summer holiday of 2007 when I was working in an elementary school in Obu-city, Aichi. I had the entire summer break (7 weeks or so) off and I didn’t want to fill it with extra teaching or studying (I’m lazy like that).

I wanted to stay active during the days and had this crazy thought – why not try and have a website for foreigners about the area??! For someone who only experience with the internet had been using “hotmail”, it was one steep learning curve…but an enjoyable one.

If anybody else is interested in starting their own website, blog or portal online, let me know – I can advise. Just for starters there are 3 things you need to be able to have a website online, these being:

  1. Actual Page / Content – Is usually free
  2. A Domain name – Basically a URL or website name (e.g. – needs to be purchased for around $10 a year.
  3. Web hosting – Space on the internet to show your content. Web hosting companies also give you tools to upload your pages to the web and an administration panel to manage your content easily.

Fortunately, the Web is a wondrous place and you can get the whole package (domain name, hosting included, web building software / platform) for as little as ¥8000 / $80 a year these days.

Again, if you are interested in how to get started, let me know :)


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